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Impact Dance Company was founded in 2018 by Melissa Burton with the purpose of bringing a healing message to women through dance. Women can find a welcoming space to come as they are, and experience a new way to connect with God. Our goal is to see all women grow a passion to being rooted in scripture and expressive through movement . We want to walk side by side with you, growing together in our journey of faith. Our mission as artists is to reach out and IMPACT the nations as we speak, perform and teach our “Dancing Through Scripture Workshops”.  Our belief is that every woman has the ability to impact and through the power of Jesus, those women will go make an impact on other women’s lives.


Camila Zacarias: Choreographer/Dancer


Camila joined Impact Dance Co from the very beginning as a Choreographer and Dancer. Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Camila studied dance and acting throughout her life. She's had the honor to work for various Dance Companies and recognized Choreographers for several productions. Camila grew up in a Christian family, but just in the past couple of years she found a way to connect her passion for art and for God as she started to perform for the Hillsong Church Dance Team. Today she finds herself feeling free, saved, loved, FOUND and in love with Jesus more than ever.

Melissa Burton: Choreographer/Dancer


Melissa Burton started Impact Dance Co in September 2018. She grew up dancing competitively, and served on the dance minstry at her church. She moved to California to pursue her passion for  the entertainment industry BUT GOD in his reckless Love took ahold over her and gave her a heart for women's dance ministry. She recognized an opportunity that was missing in the world when it came to bringing women together, and giving them an outlet to express their pain by allowing God's movement to be the answer for their freedom. Today she is walking in an unexplainable joy because of the grace of God.

Whitney Sutherland: Choreographer/Dancer


Whitney has had a major passion for dance since she was little. When she was 18, she lost sight of this passion due to an eating disorder that diminished her confidence. After years of not dancing, she got saved at 21 and began attending Hillsong in LA. As her confidence through Christ was built back up, so was her love for dance. At a 2018 workshop with the Impact Dance Co. girls, she danced to worship music for the first time and realized that her passion for dance can now be aligned with her passion for Jesus.

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